About Us

We are healers and bringers of good energy and vibration.
Our goal here at Shopprana, is to make the world a better place through our passion of self preservation, meditation and peaceful energy.

Especially in these times of war and hate we want to bring the best of our intentions to help keep the world in a peaceful state. This all while keeping in mind that being human means going off course from time to time, and as our result, our duty is to recalibrate and keep ourselves grounded and healthy. Sometimes, while we work, we feel that our busy lives and schedules are permanent, and the most important, but as those before us could tell us, all of these things in front of us now are temporary and our bodies are temples that we should take care of first above all else. Holding on to this belief, we have set up a place for you do just that. We’ll be updating and curating content from all over the web to bring you only the best of what we have tested and tried to help change your lifestyle.

With that, we’d like to say ‘Namaste’ and wish you well on your journey and adventure and that we’re happy that you’re joining us in our mission.

The Team @ Shopprana.com