Antique Bronze Glow In The Dark Pendant Necklace

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This stunning necklace features a 2.5cm locket encasing a blue or green glow-in-the-dark jewel. In daylight, the locket appears to be an ordinary metal pendant. But when activated, the cool glow is framed by the ornate bronze filigree, illuminating the design from behind.

To use it, simply allow the locket to charge under a lamp or in direct sunlight for a few minutes. Then wear it into a dark room and watch it light up the shadows with its mesmerizing shine.

Wear this piece with your day-to-day clothes, formal attire, or especially to complete a steampunk outfit. The vintage-looking bronze and Victorian metalwork design make this perfect for any steam- or cyberpunk inspired attire.

Includes a bronze tone ball chain with a standard clasp.


Product Information:

Pendant Size – 2.5 cm (approximately 1 inch)

Necklace Length – 45 cm (approximately 17.5 inches)

Product Weight – 13 grams


Product Description

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Additional Information

Glow Color

Blue, Green


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