Quartz Healing Point Pendant


Quartz crystals harmonize and balance the environment, you, your home or office. Quartz Crystals are great transmitters of energy by holding energy and intentions in very well. They are also great tools for manifesting things. They bring clarity of energy and also amplify energy. They deflect negative energies to keep your energy field very clear. Use during meditations and keep this energy with you all day when you wear it.

Crystal Properties:

Rose promotes compassion, appreciation and soothing calm.

Amethyst represents royalty, spirituality and creativity.

Clear the most versatile and multi-dimensional crystal. Known for healing, meditation and expansion of consciousness.

Turquoise is known for it ability to release anxieties, especially in the work place. Clear thinking.

Black is used for balancing all Chakras and holds the vibration of “Om”. Removal of toxins and illness energies out of the body.


Product Description

Type: Necklace
Gender: Women’s & Men’s
Style: Casual
Theme: Healing
Material: Alloy, Faux Leather, Natural Quartz
Pendant Shape: Hexagonal Point
Features: Hexagonal Point, Natural Quartz, Black Faux Leather Rope
Rope Length: 16″ + 1.5″ (Approx.)

Package Includes:
1 x Pendant
1 x Black Faux Leather Rope

Delivery: 10-15 Days

Additional Information


Clear, Black, Rose, Turquoise, Amethyst


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